HoultsbuildingHoults Doors is a door and joinery provider and door pre-hanger. We are a family business, locally owned and operated. In 1987, we opened with three workers, providing quality carpentry for timber merchants. In 1989, we expanded into supplying production as well as labour.

Today, our service, our commitment to product quality, and our accessible pricing makes Hoults Doors your one-stop shop for all timber doors.  We strive to give our customers the highest quality of service. Each of our customers gets what they need – custom work, alterations, and even our complete service package.

We employ 13 staff in our warehouse and factory, operating our advanced pre-hanging machinery and preparing doors for installation. With 28+ years of experience in superior woodworking, we provide custom timber door work to the Greater Wellington region.

Doors, Joinery, and Prehanging

What do we do as a prehanger? Prehanging is the process of assembling all the components for a doorway – door, hinges, jamb, and any hardware – so the doorway, as one unit, can be fitted on site into a preframed builders opening. At Hoults, we obtain a door, we build the frame that surrounds the door, called the jamb, and we connect hinges and hardware to both the door and the jamb. The result is a perfect doorway with a balanced door.

FactoryInsideWe are agents for all leading New Zealand door distributors. In addition, we are the sole Wellington region agents for Cowdroy’s space-saving slider doors and technology.

Along with providing you with the best doors for your requirements, we excel in door and joinery installation. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you at Hoult’s Doors.

Hoult’s Doors is an Associate Member of Master Builders and an Associate of the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand. Our joinery and building staff are all qualified tradespeople.

I’ve renovated two houses and I’ve learned so much working with Hoults Doors. The team here really knows their stuff.Emily, Miramar, Wellington