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For our building and construction customers, here are some of your most frequently asked questions answered.

Is my door left or right hand hung?

Close the door and stand on the side when the hinge pin is protruding from the door. You can only be on one side of the door frame if you are to see the protruding hinge pin. From here, you can see if the hinge pin is on the left or right side. That is the “handing of your door”. When you open the door from this standing point, the door will pull towards you.

Term Definitions

  • Builders opening / prenail – A builders opening is the measurement between your studs in width and the measurement from the floor to the underside of the lintel. Lintel is the piece of timber that goes across the top of the doorway.
  • Clearance – The distance from the bottom of a door to the base of the jamb beneath it. We make all of our units to have a standard floor clearance underneath the door of 25mm unless noted. This can be varied.
  • Trim size – The  required measurement to fit a prehung unit in to the prenail frame or builders opening.