Hoults Doors provides a full installation service.  Information and timing is provided below.


  • From first contact to installed door can take between 10 working days to six weeks.
  • Some doors need to arrive from their supplier. When you order solid timber doors, there is a  10 – 15 working day lead time. All non-standard interior doors or veneer doors can take from 10 days to three weeks lead time.  Then, there is scheduling your prehanging and installation with Hoults Doors, which is 10 working days to six weeks, based on your requirements and our availability.

Handling New Doors

  • If you have purchased a timber door, install it as soon as possible. Store it in a dry, well-ventilated place if you have to wait.
  • Do not leave an uninstalled door near damp plaster, wet paint, or very humid areas, such as basements or outdoor sheds. Even a quality door may warp or twist.
  • Regarding doors sitting on site, most manufacturers require that the doors be sealed immediately to meet their manufacturer warranties. Many doors will have either a sticker adhered to the edge of the door, or a separate sheet detailing door limitations  in terms of sizing and sealing.  Refer to individual supplier specification sheets or ask Hoults Doors to verify the requirements.  Not taking care of this can affect your warranty.
  • When you move a door around, lift it and carry it. Dragging a door may chip or splinter it, or scratch floors.

Installing doors requires building experience and skill. Hoults Doors can install your new doors for you at reasonable rates. We will be providing more guidelines in the near future for skilled home carpenters.