Removing a door requires care and preparation, and there are different steps for internal and entrance doors.

Before doing anything, put protection sheets down on the floor and ground. We recommend putting packers underneath the door to stop it dropping.

Internal Doors can often be easily removed by tapping out the hinge pin. This will leave one half of the hinge on the door and the other on the jamb, allowing the door to be pulled away.

If you use this method, remove the bottom pin first, followed by the middle hinge pin, then finally the top pin.  This will eliminate the risk of the door falling away from the frame before you are ready.

With an Entrance Door, these can be heavy, so two sets of hands are recommended. Follow these steps.

  1. Open the door 90 degrees to the opening, thus allowing you to see the screws on the hinges. Put sheets and packers in place.
  2. You need to undo the screws between the hinge and the door first. Normally, there will be up to four screws per hinge leaf. When you unscrew, leave one screw in each hinge equally down the door.
  3. Starting from the bottom, remove each final screw until you reach the top.  One person can remove screws, while the other holds the door upright.
  4. Remove the released door and lay it down carefully.