Cowdroy sliders available at Hoults Doors, WellingtonA cavity slider door is a door that slides into a wall space. In tight spaces, where it is difficult to decide which way to have a door open, a cavity slider door solves the problem. These doors open up wall and floor space that would otherwise be wasted. In windy or drafty areas, these doors are secure. They do not blow open and slam against walls and door jambs.

Cavity slider doors are tracked inside the wall space, using efficient aluminum frames and quiet nylon rollers. The frame and tracking system has removable head jambs for easy access and adjustment. They can be used for left or right door openings.

Cavity slider door options include:

Standard interior sliders

  • Glass or melamine sliding doors (up to 8 mm thick)
  • Biparting sliders, for large entries or room corners
  • Kitchen cabinetry sliding doors
  • Dual units, to enable a sliding door with minimal wall space
  • “Braced panel” options for unstable or windy environments
  • Custom built for your specific needs

Our cavity slider door technology is provided by Cowdroy Sliders, manufactured in Auckland and installed and maintained for you by Hoults Doors. Hoults can also repair or replace existing sliding doors.

  • Aluminum and glass Cowdroy slider doors

    Aluminum and glass Cowdroy slider doors

  • Solid Cowdroy slider doors

    Solid Cowdroy slider doors