Fire doors for all requirements available from Hoults Doors

Fire doors can have windows and detailing

A fire door is a door that can help the people in a building survive a fire. Fire doors help in three ways: by resisting fire, by blocking fire and smoke, and by continuing to open and close in fire conditions. Fire doors are reinforced and tested, often to 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute fire exposure times.

Fire doors save lives. And they aren’t just a good idea – for many buildings, they’re the law. Learn more about fire doors:

At Hoults Doors we are experienced providers of fire doors. We are skilled at pre-hanging fire doors and maintaining their fire and smoke seals, installing fire-safe hardware, and providing correct fire door labeling. Fire doors aren’t just for businesses, schools, and hospitals. Hoults Doors can provide fire doors for your home. It’s recommended to have at least a 30 minute fire door between a home and a connected garage or workshop.

Visit our supplier NZ Fire Doors to see how attractive fire doors can be, just click the below logo to view their range.

Fire doors and fire door installation from Hoults Doors